Blood Pressure Risks: Who Can Be Affected?

Here are some possible risks that make you more prone to developing high blood pressure.

Old Age: Blood pressure appears to attack on people as they age. It has been observed that about 65% of the Americans who were suffering from blood pressure were above the age of 60. ISH or isolated systolic blood pressure is common type of HBP among people above the age of 60. Every 2 out of 3 patients of this disease who are above 60 suffer from ISH. However, it does not mean that every person who ages above 50 are prone to developing this disease but a person who are at risk with possible health conditions would develop it easily after 60. Old people must always have a BP monitor like Omron BP785.

Race: Race and ethnicity is another factor that plays important role in defining if a person is susceptible to getting high blood pressure. HBP is a disease that can affect any individual but it is more common in people of some specific race. African American adults are at a greater risk of Caucasian or Hispanic American adults. Making a relation between these two, African Americans:

Might get HBP much earlier

Would probably get aware of their HBP earlier than others

Suffer from more serious HBP

have higher death rate due to HBP

The risks of HBP vary among Hispanic American adults too; different groups of them are at different level of possibilities of developing this disease. For an example, the Puerto Rican Americans are at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure in comparison to other Hispanic groups and Caucasians.

Overweight: Obesity or being overweight are other two factors that play crucial role in development of prehypertension or HBP. Overweight is a condition in which the weight of your body is greater than what is considered as normal. Obesity on the other hand is a more serious issue when the fats deposited in your body rises to abnormal amount.

Gender: Men and women both are susceptible to getting this disease but before the age of 45, men are at a greater risk of getting it while women seem to be more prone to having it after the age of 65. Moreover, men above age of 55 are more likely to suffer from uncontrolled HBP while women above 65 are more likely to get the same.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: Your lifestyle habits have a great effect on you and the risk of HBP. Some of these lifestyle habits include:

Having excessive salt or sodium rich foods

Low amount of potassium in your diet

Too much of alcohol consumption


Lack of physical activities