Diet Plank, 9 pounds less in 2 weeks

Lose weight in just two weeks with diet Plank. What to do to work and how to maintain your ideal weight.

January 21, 2014

Female abdomen after weight loss

Lose weight with diet Plank

For some time now depopulated diet Plank, another frontier low schemes to lose weight fast and staggering, as it promises even to lose up to 9 pounds in just two weeks! Anyone who has tried it confirms that diet Plank works and this diet is accompanied by the most popular diets in recent years, the Dukan diet, best exercises for weight loss at home the Atkins diet and the zone diet. Basic premise and never taken for granted before joining a selection covering the change of our diet is to consult a doctor and relying on the opinion of an expert nutritionist or dietician.

How does that work

Silhouette of woman after weight loss

Lose weight with diet Plank

The promised results are assured because strict dieting, the first few days, virtually eliminate carbohydrates and fibers aiming on proteins and on coffee, which serve to give you energy. Ancestor of old high protein diet, was born a few years ago to lose weight to diabetic patients and is actually a system that changes the metabolism and causes no doubt fast weight loss. Some nutritionists the advise against because it is completely disequilibrata, with fruits and vegetables – the basics of healthy eating and proper – and warn you not to continue beyond the two weeks to avoid imbalances and damage to health.

What do you eat in your diet original Plank

Salad plate

Abound with salads

Mostly animal protein (especially red meat steaks), ham and many eggs, once boiled fish and grilled chicken. The only cheese granted is the Swiss type, in that little fat and high in protein, while the vegetables are limited to salad, spinach, tomatoes and carrots. The advantage is that the quantities are not weighed (apart from the eggs which are designated by number) for which abound with side dishes low in calories and limited the condiments.

Plank diet: results

Collage for diet

Operate the diet

For this to work, make sure you do not subject your body to unnecessary sacrifices — stick scrupulously to the doses and types of food: steak is equivalent to a medium-large red meat steak, even if you prefer but I’m sure not a burger. Boiled eggs fried or boiled or baked cannot be in ways similar to omelets and even replaced by foods who suffers from high cholesterol. Salad dressing for salads are limited to a few extra virgin olive oil and lemon drops, avoid salt, and sauces. Sugar is banished from the diet, the coffee you have to drink bitter even if you’re not accustomed. If you are really wanting to lose weight and to follow this regimen, do not improvise a diet Plank changed because you might be disappointed and not achieve the goal that you have set.


Proud woman on scale

Keep the goal achieved

Although theoretically you can go back to eating normally, you should not frustrate the efforts and to follow simple guidelines for a healthy, balanced diet:

Drink plenty of water (discover the secrets to drinking more water) and avoid carbonated drinks

Limited alcohol, a few glasses of red wine

Eat fruit between meals

Consume plenty of vegetables and cooked

Introduce legumes at least once a week

Reduce the amount of sugars, fats and condiments

Favorite cereals and wholemeal pasta

Red meat once or twice a week

Increased consumption of fish and poultry

Do sport or follow regular physical activity, especially after the diet Plank: the movement will help you not to resume pounds when power will be varied and your metabolism will not play tricks on you. Get used to a healthy regime and to sport, some exceptions are allowed if done sparingly.

Finally, don’t forget to apply body firming creams and oils from the very first day of diet to avoid a loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of stretch marks.

The diet Plank

Plank diet and sport


Breakfast: coffee without sugar;

Lunch: two hard-boiled eggs and spinach (slightly salted);

Dinner: a large grilled steak or beef steaks, as a side salad of lettuce and celery.


Breakfast: coffee without sugar and a small sandwich;

Lunch: a big steak, salad and fruit (choice);

Dinner: cooked ham in the desired quantity.


Breakfast: coffee without sugar and a small sandwich;

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, lettuce and tomatoes;

Dinner: ham and salad.


Breakfast: coffee without sugar and a small sandwich;

Lunch: a boiled egg,