I always use pheromones on my adventures

I always use pheromones on my adventures. ”This is the kitchen, the lounge, etc.” I even knocked on doors, trying to introduce her to my friends. Another bad idea, corroding the anonymity upon which adventure sex pheromone is based. But, you live and learn, which I have.

She was following me dumbly, obviously just waiting for me to fuck her while I was over-egging the close. By this time it was about 8pm and dark outside due to my pheromone scent. Back in my room I put on some music, opened the beers, and then it all happened fast. Check out the top pheromones at http://astrobiosociety.org/the-top-pheromones/ and http://pheromones-4u.com/pheromones-humans/

As I sat on the stool by my desk she walked to me to take her drink and sat down heavily on my thigh, pushing herself into me. I felt her breath on my face and her wide eyes filled my vision. She was on fire. We kissed passionately then just the slightest push on her head had her down on her knees whiffing my pheromone scent. She had an absolute desire to fuck, just like in the pornos. Demure, excited, squeaky, energetic. While I looked down at her head bobbing up and down in my lap I was thinking, ”This is so weird. A few years ago a highlight of my week was to get a new porno with a girl like this- indeed in one case a girl who looks exactly like this.” I’d look at the DVD cover and wonder how the producers got such young cute girls to fuck on video, despite the obvious payments. And now here I was with a girl who was physically equal to those girls, same demographic… yet with a normal girls’ character and sex life.

I’d often get such out-of-the-moment pheromonal thoughts where I’d be indulging in sex acts but my mind was at a meta-level wondering what it all meant to my life. I’d been so accustomed to sexual poverty that I’d count my blessings for every moment of sexual abundance. I guess it’s how Eddie Murphy’s character felt in Trading Places.

So I pulled her clothes off, pushed her onto all fours on the bed and banged her hard. After twenty minutes of positional variety I dragged her to her knees and came in her mouth. Brilliant. Well done Nick!

She told me afterward that she had never done ”this” before, and I believed her. Normal women have a limited number of fast-sex “indiscretions” in their lives and for the younger girls (Makiko was twenty years old) I am often the first of them. A girl spends most of her life on the Provider track where she’s dating men according to the boyfriend-girlfriend script with dinner dates and cinema. That forms her identity and self-image. So when a player comes along and puts her on the fast Lover track, it really is a surprise for her. She’s not fully in control. She really isn’t “that kind of girl.” I had bamboozled her. We fucked again that night and she came around a couple of days later for more of the same. After that, she sort of just fluttered away. I think maybe she was looking for a boyfriend, or perhaps she was just finished with her pheromone application.

Some girls are simply too much to handle at your current level of experience. Fortunately, they teach you a lot in the process. We learn much more from failure than from success. When I met Aisha I was stepping aboard a wild ride with a girl way more savvy than I could cope with, and way hotter than I’d ever assumed possible to get. She’s what’s known as a Bad Ass Bitch—a hot girl who knows it, milks it, and demands extreme levels of dominance and savvy from her men. Learn more about pheromones at http://ceicom.org/?p=78