IMagri = be healthy?

According to the statistics, Switzerland is average in comparison with other developed countries with regard to eating disorders. The dark number is however very high. Who doesn’t count in your circle of acquaintances, at least one person or their children who suffer or have suffered from eating disorders? The two most popular national eating garcinia cambogia review with Jordin Sparks 2016 disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Less known is the binge eating syndrome, pushing its affection to compulsive overeating without obtaining then the vomiting, the so-called “binge eating”. Among these individual diseases include various mixed forms. Also a State of being overweight can be caused by an eating disorder. In addition, more and more Swiss people suffer from orthorexia, an obsession with food is to eat healthy.

Active people, slightly overweight live longer

Thinness is synonymous with health and people who manage to lose weight, are considered to be strong-willed and disciplined. People with a high degree of emaciation, anorexia or bulimia, induced also enjoy a better social recognition for their physical appearance than overweight people. This although he found that people slightly overweight (BMI between 26 and 29) have a lower mortality rate than lean people. “According to current knowledge, being, as it was once,” a little chubby “, besides not being negative, it can even have beneficial effects on health,” said the President of the Swiss network of experts on eating disorders, Dr. Erika Toman. The condition is, however, practice regular exercise. So it is time to change the way people think, even for industry insiders.

Eating disorders affect not only teenagers

The fact that eating disorders affect women above 40 years and men is little known, too. Both groups are reluctant to consult a specialist in such cases. Food disease does not occur suddenly after forty years. Triggering effects are often associated with menopause and hormonal changes that entails. An eating disorder apparently resolved at a young age can then manifest itself suddenly again in middle age. What are the experiences gained at counselling service of «community working for eating disorders AES of Zurich» in relation to all these today’s forms of expression?

We discussed this with psychologist Annette Bischof-Campbell, specialist consultant AES. Eating disorders

Mrs. Bischof-Campbell today because in Switzerland there is such a large number of eating disorders?

Annette Bischof-Campbell: «in puberty girls and boys live so often ambivalent transformation phase which causes them to become adult men and women. In the past, it had greater freedom of action and movement, which helped to develop a sense of awareness of their body more secure. Today the kids less likely to accept your body as such and then to feel comfortable. The ideal of beauty has also changed: Marilyn Monroe, who was a size 42, today would be considered simply a chubby woman. Zurich is a city where you prefer, from the aesthetic point of view, a slender line. All these factors exert considerable pressure, such as in the United States is felt to a lesser extent».

What parents can do to prevent eating disorders?

“It is important to empower girls and boys to discover their bodies with merriment. To this end, are useful fun physical activities – whether it’s zumba, belly dance, swimming and more. Group motor activities are great because they bring us to relate with others; in this sense, I naturally think of combat sports, such as karate or team sports, such as football. “

What are the chances of success when asking for help are not the people suffering from these problems, but their family members?

“The family is very important. There are specific factors that support each disorder: people who suffer from eating disorders are often the subject of much attention from their family members and they know how to control their entourage enacting specific behaviour. It is important to recognize these patterns and stopped. The involvement of family members often proves very useful.