Our Special Cat Christmas Ornament

I am a cat lover. I share my home with two very special felines. My husband often complains that I devote a great deal more attention and time to the cats than I do to him. When I was growing up we had pet cats. I used them as my dolls; dressing them up in doll clothes and having them drink milk out of bottles.

I am also a lover of Christmas. I love everything there is about the season from the decorating, shopping entertaining and cooking. This year as I was looking through my holiday decorations I realized that my two passions have not been lost on my friends and family members. I had never noticed the number of decorations that I had that have cat Christmas ornament themes. This is quite surprising since I have never bought a cat Christmas ornament for myself.

As I was going through the decorations I started to put aside the decorations that had cats on them. I had a cat Christmas ornament that was dressed like Santa Claus. There was another cat Christmas ornament that had a kitty in a holiday stocking and I had two that had cats dressed up like angels. There were fifteen other ornaments that were various size cats with bows around their necks. I knew that my first cat Christmas ornament was from my mother when I was a young girl, but I had no idea that they had multiplied over the years. The funny thing to me is that my husband and I raise and train hunting dogs. We have been doing this since we first were married. I found one dog Christmas ornament and that one I had purchased for my husband.

I mentioned this to my husband when he returned home from work. I showed him the number of cat decorations that I had come across. He was surprised by the number also. He said that if someone would have asked him he would have remembered one cat Christmas ornament and that is the one that my mother had given to me when I was a child. He knows that this is a special ornament to me because it is from my childhood. I told him that maybe we should go with an all cat theme for Christmas this year, we could get special outfits for the cats and I could dress them up like I did when I was a little girl. We could have tuna for Christmas dinner. His only response was to say that he hoped I was joking. I was joking about the tuna, but I do think I am going to see if I can find a nice outfit for each cat for the holidays.

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