• Tips For Spring Cleaning Your House Quickly

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    It’s springtime, and you know what that means! It’s time to spring clean your home, only where do you begin? Even if you’re in the house cleaning mood, it’s quite the tall order without a plan.

    Naturally, you’re going to do the floor last, and you’re actually going to clean your home in the same order, just with a bunch of extra steps. Start with the dirtiest places in your home, the bathroom and the kitchen.

    When you’re cleaning the kitchen, it’s time to clean out the refrigerator and the oven. It’s also time to pull them out from their spots and clean underneath them. Clean your walls and your baseboards, clean out your cabinets and then get to cleaning that floor!

    It’s really not that hard to approach spring cleaning if you do things one room at a time. You can even schedule it to where you do one room each day. This is still very quick, as you can spend a couple hours each day only.

    You also want to clean doors, knobs, cabinet facings and anything else that is in your kitchen. And, make sure to clean out the microwave. After that it’s time for the bathroom. For your bathroom, you want to clean every surface that you see. Get inside the bathroom cabinet, medicine cabinet and anything else that needs cleaning. Make sure you scrub that bathtub and shower, and it’s always nice to put some fresh new towels in there.

    Handle the rest of the rooms in your home the same way, from top to bottom. And, move furniture and anything else that you don’t normally clean underneath. Also, don’t forget to clean outdoors as well, as a nice home exterior and a clean landscape is also part of spring cleaning.